About Us

We offer free access to your accident reports. With a single call or simple form to fill out, you can be prepared to take the next step on the road to a full recovery. If you’ve been involved in an accident or injury, our team of professionals is ready to help you today!

Powered by FAST HELP, we have been involved in helping over 30,000 victims with their accident injury care. We have a unique method of providing patients with providing patients with access to the most trusted medical professionals and some of the best legal professionals in the metro-Atlanta area. We will help put you into contact with a medical or legal professional near where you live or work. Even after treatment in an ER, accident injury victims frequently need to receive additional medical attention from a specialist. We have a network of clinics located throughout the Atlanta area that offer patients convenient access to a multidisciplinary team of professionals that specialize in accident injury care. Patients are scheduled for SAME-DAY APPOINTMENTS and don’t have to endure long, unnecessary wait times as is common in many medical offices.

We can also help connect you with one of the top Personal Injury attorneys in the State of Georgia to help you with the legal side of things.